Honoring Your Period: A Letter From Me, To You (& Your Uterus, Too)

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Ever since I stopped taking hormonal birth control in October of 2017, my cycle has never been the same — for better, and for worse. Popping pills or not, though, menstruation takes a toll on the female body. The problem is, whether your monthly visitor is always on time, never on time, a mental strain, or physical challenge, there's still a strong stimga surrounding this level of girl talk. Which is why I'm here. 

When I was 13, my best friend at the time created an Xanga account for me. That would become the beginning of a 13-year-era of Julia, The Girl Who Cried Blogger. I signed up for all kinds of outlets once Xanga faded out, from Live Journal to Blogger and, eventually, Tumblr. I had a lot to say, but it still wasn't enough — at least, not enough to focus on topics I was actually knowledegable of or cared enough about. I tried uploading fashion posts, journal entries, quote collages, and it wasn't even that I was feigning interest in any of theses topics, either. I still love clothes, keep a journal, and quote my favorite authors. Still, I knew in order to keep up with a blog, I'd have to find my niche.

Always, Julia Rose is my lifestyle blog, and a huge part of my life is my period. Granted, I completely understand that not everyone is as comfortable talking about their period as I am. Once upon a time, I wasn't either. Aside from girlfriends and family members, I was very much under the impression that my period was something to be discrete about. Of course, your period is personal, and if you feel that part of you is something you'd prefer to keep private, I absolutely respect that. But if the only reason you don't talk about your period is because someone or something led you to believe it's in anyway improper, I want to hear from you! 

The first time my editor assigned me an article about menstruation, my initial reaction was hesitation. I often put myslf into the stories I write, but I'd never written about periods. My sex life, yes, but never my period. Nervous as I was about how my family and friends would react if I included an anecdote, I decided to take a stab at it and have since learned to be pretty open on the subject. After almost one and a half years of reporting on this material, women's health, especially hormones and menstruation, has become one of my favorites. I've also learned so much from my coverage - details I can assure you teachers gloss over in health class.

And so, I introduce to you a 'A Place for PMS,' a series I'd love to start on this blog that further explores my own period, general symptoms, remedies, and offer you expert-insight on topics you've probably never talked to your gynecologist about (or maybe you have, and if so, I'd love to hear all about it!). One day, I'd like this to be a safe place to talk about what's goijg on internally, hormonally, and help one another make the most out of our cycles. 

If you have any questions, or would like me to write on a specific subject, feel free to email me: julia@alwaysjuliarose.com 


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