Check In: Halfway Through Sweat It To Shred It

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How do I feel about my current fitness level?

I can definitely feel myself getting stronger as I continue on through this program. Generally speaking, I’m pretty familiar with every move Sarah’s included in her circuits thus far, and that makes me feel confident in my capabilities because I’m familiar with the correct form. Combining all of these moves into a 30 minute circuit, however, is the challenge. I will say though, despite my becoming familiar with the moves, I’m still drenched with sweat after every session. So even though I feel myself getting stronger, I don’t feel like the program is becoming any less of a challenge.

How do I feel about my body?

I wish I could report four weeks into the program and I feel better than ever about my body, but I’m not totally there yet. I do feel a lot better, though, and I’ll absolutely count that as progress. Personally, I’ve noticed a visible difference in my legs and I’m even starting to believe I’ve formed a booty ever so slightly.

I’ve felt smaller around the torso - which actually doesn’t surprise me. I seem to lose inches there pretty easily, it’s my lower abdominals that take much longer to tone. On the Fourth of July, my sister in law and I were out by the pool taking photos in our ever-so patriotic bikinis when she commented on my abs. I was thrilled. It’s not always easy to see your own progress, but it’s a wonderful confidence-boost when someone else does.

Overall, I feel pretty good about my body in this moment. I can feel it getting stronger by the week, and I’m also forming a new relationship with it as well. By pushing it to the limit, I’m getting to know it better.

What are my fitness/body goals for the next 4 weeks?

My fitness goals for the second half of this program are to continue listening to my body, and appreciating its strength and ability to push forward. I think both of these things will also help me treat my body with more kindness and respect.

What do I love about my body?

I love that my body is always changing - which is ironic, considering that’s usually the basis for why I get so aggravated with it. I think lately I’ve come to appreciate the fact that I’m in my late twenties, my body is preparing itself to be ready for whenever Mark and I decide to have babies, and it’s going through very natural, very womanly changes. I’ve noticed a little more curve in my hips and booty, and even though I would ideally like to flatten out that area, I love that I know my body is healthy and ready whenever I am to nurture a child.


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