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Writes About Reads: WomanCode by Alisa Vitti (Review)

You know those super trendy books on Instagram? The titles every influencer seems to have read, or are currently reading? WomanCode by Alisa Vitti is among the pile. 

I realize I'm a little late picking this one up — it published in 2013 — but when Lee From America started preaching about WomanCode, I was intrigued. I had to get my hands on a copy to find out for myself what, exactly, Vitti's "code" was, and how to crack it according to my own lifestyle. 

Unlike Girl Code, in which there are all sorts of unwritten rules to abide by in order to preserve the power of sisterhood and avoid unecessary drama (i.e. not dating your best friend's ex), Woman Code is a solo declaration of how to live based on one's menstrual cycle. Per Vitti's definition, Woman Code is a "five-step system" that targets your hormones in order to achieve the goal of living your best, most balanced life. 

To achieve this, Vitti has come up with a formula that not only addresses "the underlying reasons for hormonal imbalance," but one that does so naturally through "medicinal foods and lifestyle choices." According to Vitti, once you can set your Woman Code in motion, your period will be much more manageable, your fertility will be optimal, and your sex drive will be through the roof. 

I fully believe that timing is everything, and maybe that factors into at what point in your life you read specific books, too. I'd heard of Vitti's bible years ago, but never sat down with a tangible copy until now. Interestingly enough, I've been off hormonal birth control fo almost one year now and when I first opted out, my period stayed pretty regular. Over the last few months, however, I've noticed a pretty significant shift. 

Mother Nature has been taking her sweet time in between cycles, and to say that my PMS symptoms are rough, would be an understatement. Vitti made me realize the problem isn't my period, but my hormonal balance — or, rather, imbalance. Luckily, I have the power to correct these hormones and re-balance my cycle by making a few simple lifestyle changes. 

Women are taught from a young age that periods are personal, private, and I think, as a result of this, you and I might've started to think of our cycles as something that shouldn't be talked about. But if there's anything I've learned from Vitti's book, it's that everything affects your cycle, from the foods you eat, to the exercises you do (or don't do), and especially the wide range of stressors you're dealing with every day. In her book, Vitti explains how these parts of life can have a very real impact on your cycle, and how to combat them one phase at a time. 

Overall, I definitely think Vitti's book is a great read. Although I already knew a lot of what she was reporting, that might be because I work in women's health, and reading up on these types of facts is just another part of my day job. Still, I felt more at ease having a solid plan laid out for me, and see the book as an excellent guideline for any woman feeling uneasy about their cycle.

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